Our clients pay the lowest prices. Prices not advertised to the public.
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Cost Optimization – The Right Plans, The Right Costs

A large portion of telecommunications overspending is caused by having the wrong plans and features. You may be grouped into billing plans that either exceed your needs and inflate costs, or don’t meet your needs and trigger cost overages.

Analyze and save. HPCI uses proprietary technology and in-depth knowledge of the telecom industry to assess your current and historical  expenses. We then request the proposal we know will best meet your needs at the lowest cost. In short, we ask for what we want.

The lowest price. Our clients consistently pay the lowest prices for their required services. Prices that aren’t advertised to the public. Most companies enjoy average savings of 40 - 50%.

See savings in weeks. Cost Optimization starts paying off quickly. Clients generally begin to see savings within weeks. Managed in-house, this process can take months or years.



Historical Analyses


Plan & Feature


Device Procurement




Travel & Service
Request Management


Significant Cost

http://www.hpci.ca/, http://www.hpci.ca/
Three easy, risk free steps to lower your costs
http://www.hpci.ca/, http://www.hpci.ca/
  • Evaluate telecom needs on all varieties of products & services (wireless, wireline, internet, conferencing, satellite, cable etc.)
  • Analyze historical bills using proprietary technology
  • Complete company-wide device & service audit
  • Identify service and hardware contracts
  • Engage & Leverage all carriers/vendors for best rate
  • Determine sharing options, plan combinations & product bundling opportunities
  • Negotiate billing error credits
  • Provide detailed business case highlighting all options available to support quick, fact based decisions

  • Validate provisioning of negotiated offers
  • Provide monthly reporting to highlight progress of implementation
  • Merge accounts for highest savings & streamline processes
  • Confirm all details of the negotiated carrier agreements are met
  • Provide HPCI Client portal for convenient dashboard & reporting tools

http://www.hpci.ca/, http://www.hpci.ca/
Detailed reports. Simple online dashboard viewing.
http://www.hpci.ca/, http://www.hpci.ca/

Tracking monthly savings

HPCI provides monthly summary and detailed reports as part of our Cost Optimization service. All activity on the account may be viewed online through our secure Client portal.

  • Financial Summary
  • Usage Summary
  • Trending Costs & Usage
  • Carrier Concerns
  • Technology Concerns
  • Progress Reports
  • Credits Obtained
  • Roaming Requests
  • Procurement Requests
  • Unusual Activity Concerns
http://www.hpci.ca/, http://www.hpci.ca/
RFP, M&A and other ways to abbreviate your costs.
http://www.hpci.ca/, http://www.hpci.ca/


Wireless company reps and dealers are paid commission based on how much you spend. HPCI is paid based on how much you save.

RFP Management

We’ll handle every step

HPCI has made thousands of 'Requests for Proposals' to wireless carriers to reduce costs. We can do the same for you. Our process will also help you select and manage the best vendor. We’ll prepare a complete profile including: Corporate Structure, Needs Assessment, Strategy for Presentation to Stakeholders, and The Business Case for prudent corporate decisions.

Negotiate deep discounts

HPCI will critically assess carrier proposals to determine your actual dollar-value savings. We’ll then leverage our knowledge of market offerings to negotiate even deeper discounts. A final report with recommendations will then be presented with a full financial analysis. Once you decide on the best carrier proposal, HPCI will handle implementation of the offer. All billings will be reviewed and optimized based on current usage.

You can use RFP Management & Support as part of our Cost Optimization or Managed Services.

Merger & Acquisition

Reduce combined costs

HPCI can provide side-by-side wireless account analysis. We’ll provide planning and execution to reduce or eliminate unnecessary penalties and fees following a merger or acquisition. Short or long-term planning is available through our Cost Optimization or Managed Services.






Merger of Multiple
Carriers & Accounts



http://www.hpci.ca/, http://www.hpci.ca/
http://www.hpci.ca/, http://www.hpci.ca/

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http://www.hpci.ca/, http://www.hpci.ca/
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