Maintaining your savings after optimizing your costs.,

Managed Services – Dedicated to Make Savings Easy

Our Managed Services provide monthly monitoring and management of your telecom accounts. Your dedicated Telecom Account Manager makes sure your plans, services and features are optimized to reduce monthly bills. They’re your go-to resource for everything from bill assessment and account reviews to travel and device management.

Dedicated service providers . All our Account Managers are non-commissioned. That means they provide you with unbiased recommendations and support. They’ll interpret both your cost and usage data, and make all necessary changes to be certain your costs are as low as possible. All while ensuring the level of service is meeting your needs.

  • Manage used devices, understand contract limitations, monitor renewal & cancellation opportunities
  • Hold carriers and service providers accountable to contracted rates and offers
  • Hold device manufacturers & dealer network accountable to warranties

Easy service requests. Your Account Manager is your one-point of contact for all requests from service to hardware to reports. You’ll never have to call the carrier and be put on-hold again. Reports can also be viewed on the client portal.


Employee Training Sessions


Discounted Accessories


Asset Management


Policy Creation


Detailed Online Reporting


Sophisticated software ensures usage and costs compute.,

Ongoing Bill Analysis and Optimization

Putting your bills under our microscope.

HPCI uses sophisticated technology to analyze each bill on a monthly basis, and identify where any inefficiencies can be optimized. This process ensures your usage and costs are always aligned with the most competitive plans available from your provider. So, you’re not paying for services you don’t need or use.

Collecting on provider errors

Wireless providers consistently make errors on their monthly bills. By combining calculation/usage errors with our detailed client ticket database, we can successfully challenge your provider and recover those lost dollars that are deservedly yours.

How we find lost dollars

  • Usage-to-Cost Optimization
  • Overage Adjustments
  • Competitive Plan Assignment
  • User Audit
  • Flagged usage
  • Account Tracking/Action,
Recording, reporting and reacting.,

Management Reports Keep You On Track

Full reports ensure savings

HPCI’s detailed ticket tracking system allows our Wireless Account Managers to record, report, and act on your behalf. All activity on your account is tracked including: new lines, roaming packages, service requests, and rebate requests. Quarterly and annual summary reports are provided. We’ll also audit each employee to ensure their usage is in-line with your wireless usage policies.

1396904912462: Quarterly Reports

  • Highlights of the Period
  • New Trends
  • Usage of the Program
  • Tracking Overall Costs
  • Action Items
  • Usage & Costs (Charts)

Annual Reports

  • Providing a summary of program costs, cost recovery, action items
  • Overall review of trends on the account,
Lower travel costs
wherever you roam.,

Mobile Device Management

Save on handsets. Whenever you add, suspend, delete or upgrade a handset, we’ll manage all contact with your carrier and dealers to ensure all devices are procured at the best possible rate and terms. Unless unused, broken or abandoned devices are properly managed, they become a drain on operating capital, being dismissed and replaced. HPCI eliminates unnecessary purchases.

Employee Training Sessions

Keeping your key employees up to date on best wireless practices can help to control costs. Our team of experts is available for Lunch & Learns and other training sessions.

Travel & Roaming Management

Reduce roaming costs. When your employees are on the go, we can provide “Just in Time” text or online travel request services. We’ll ensure your plan has the appropriate travel package before your plane lands.

Discounted Wireless Accessories

Save up to 50%. HPCI provides wireless accessories discounted an average of 25%, with many up to 50% off. Unlike most retail stores, HPCI provides specialized equipment for field services and rugged equipment protection. In addition to cases and consumer-focused items, we carry signal enhancement, security and privacy products


In-house wireless managers control costs the best they can with the information carriers provide.  But carriers won't proactively provide options to reduce your costs.  HPCI will give you those options.,,

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Phone: 403-456-2326
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